• Banned

    • Rootkit - is a software which is designed to enable the acess of a device to the unauthorized users.Somehow rootkits are malicious.

    Recently Microsoft signed a Malicious driver named "Netfilter" which was targeting the gamers mostly.The also admitted of signing it and giving an assurance to give fresh driver updates that will remove the existing malicious driver.In this ,The host can acess everything in your computer without proper authentication/permission.

    What signing actually means here-

    • Signing a driver refers that the driver is verified/safe.

    The Malicious driver was sending the data to a service center in China, refer the picture below to know more. (according to whois services)


    Classification types (Virustotal)

    Detected Malicious by these security services & more

    To view a complete summary including hashes/detection visit Here

    SIGNING INFORMATION IMG_20210807_041824.jpg :

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  • Great Artcle NewUser.. I hate hate that app from MS.. also dislike the way they are forcing users to use The EDGE.. they really slowly chipping away at freedom of choice in apps and programs.. sad