• The grand book of Cat

    They who are great, They who are the reality within the real, They who weave the wool of life and stretch the strands of death. The great uncaring, and the tiny fluffiness. They who see but do not watch, and They who listen but don't hear. They who are bonded with the 9 layers of mind and breathe the 9 lives of reality. Enter, young disciple, into the great unknown, into the abyss of the grand feline mind. A place where everything that isn't, is, or may not be, and where the deeper you sink, the more you understand.

    First layer, Joy

    Cats are happy. a wagging tail means a happy tail. When one touches the cat, the joy they radiate will fill ones being more strongly than anything fabricated by man. And joy can be expressed in other ways too. A mewling cat mewls its happy smiles into the ether, filling the hearts of those it touches with joy, multiplying the feeling. Puns are a vital part of cat's expression. Without puns, language slowly withers and dies, its joy sapped into an empty husk. Luckily, these husks of the speak can be refueled by cats boundless energy, with purrs and puns. Joy can be easily spread into a widespread chain reaction, blending with other emotions, touching others with its boundless glee. As joy fills the mind and body, it will eventually give way towards the madness, as the fabric of reality thrills with excitement, giving way to the insanity within.

    Second layer, Madness

    Cats are unpredictable, mercurial critters, with a mind of their own, and after enough time, your mind will belong to them as well. Welcome to the realm of madness, where sense starts to lose meaning, and paradoxes are plentiful. laughts mix with cries as everything becomes relevant to every situation with the right mindset. When up and down meet, the cat gets out of the bag, and is begging to be chased. Let go of your mind, those who enter here, and thread with care. if you run you will stumble, and the madness will laugh. A laughing madness opens its threads to you, opening your forth eye to the different perspectives. The process is slow, and some will never unhinge their mind enough into the madness to reach the vision of the third layer, the sight of many perspectives.

    Third layer, Perspective

    As madness engulfs the feelings of cat, they flow over into many things, linking them together with an intimate bond. With the crazy now part of them, they will start to see things the way other things see other things. this feedback loop is the allsight. Jokes start to blend, as you can see both sides of the coin. Arguments wither, as both sides are now clear. so far goes the mind, that multiple perspectives smoothly blend and dissipate again, truth and falsehood twirling in a graceful dance. Reality shifts again, to show both what is, what was, and what could be, And as all matter blends together within the mind, nothing starts to matter. And when the final eye of perspective opens, all it will see is the void, which silently beckons. Heed its call, as the forth layer awaits the daring.

    Forth layer, Outer Void

    As the void of nothingness fills the mind, the madness stirs, comfortably at home. The realizations come soon after, that nothing material matters, as your final grips on the primal real give in. Cats playfully dance in and out of this voidness, the knowledge diluting and expanding with every dip into the great outer void. They will help you see that which is not, as that which is not, contains all things possible. Most common minds will struggle inside this layer, and fear often overtakes those, chasing them back into the higher layers of the mind. But those that embrace the fear, start to see the void for what it is, unlimited potential. The mind seethes with ideas, and images take shape within your very reality. Welcome to the Illusionary

    Fifth layer, Illusionary

    The illusionary is that which makes way within the void, as its emptiness is embraced. The very existence of this layer is often thought to be a myth, as most don't even get a glimpse of it within their lifetimes. But such are the deeper layers of the mind, and the stronger bonds of life are often those that cannot be directly observed. The Illusionary creates reality out of memories, and memories out of nothing. This can create a reflection of the lower layers, which fold in upon themselves, and these mirrored memories bring all lower layers into reality. Cats quite like spending time here, as every demand is fulfilled through the illusions shimmering around them. It may be tempting to root oneself into this place, but know that the Illusionary isn't reality, it's a mere reflection of it. Deeper yet one must go, to become a true weaver of reality. The next layer may only be weaved by unfolding the self, melding it together with the Illusionary. Fear and anticipation both can hamper this process, however, and failure to do this properly may result in the mind getting lost into the outer void, and irreversable madness would fill the resulting husk. Cats, knowing no fear and only disdain, may rather easily ascend into the next layer, however, and enter the dream state known as Inner Void.

    Sixth layer, Inner Void

    With the Illusionary far behind, and the self forgotten into its own memories, the Inner Void becomes apparent. This is often referred to as the darkness that lives within us all, but this has little to do with evil. Like the outer void, the inner void is merely a canvas, though it is exceedingly hard to weave the strands of the inner void into meaningful nonsense. As the void has a mind of its own, it tends to play with those minds focused within its domain. A resolute mind however, can touch these strands, weaving dreams into the outer void, and entering the seventh layer, Reality.

    Seventh layer, Reality

    With the inner void now bending and curling towards the will of cat, dreams become more real than they were before. Extremely hard to affect, only seasoned drifters of the layers can actually affect the layer that is Reality. While seemingly similar to the fifth layer, the seventh layer affects the person much, much stronger, and where Illusionary can scarcely touch emotions, the Reality layer comes from within, making weaving strong emotions a perfect possibility. The seven senses of touch, smell, fluff, sight, taste, hearing, and cuteness have a direct link to this layer, but few people can actively affect the layer themselves. Intense training is required to breach through the inner void into Reality, but once there, the limit is far beyond the sky. Seasoned scholars of the nine layers agree that reaching this layer can be considered as an end point, yet there are still two layers where the mind and self can wander. If one rejects death and life itself, one can weave this feeling of the infinite void into a portal. Entering this new gateway will bring one into the Outer Cold

    Eighth layer, Outer Cold.

    Being cut loose from all worthly and otherworldly tethers, only a handful of people have ever threaded this far willingly. This is the outer cold, where even the void fears to thread. The fabric of the Outer Cold is rough and unyielding, and not even cats can work their magic onto this layer. Greeting all travelers into this layer is the harbinger of the outer cold, He who stands watch, She who observes, They who gather. This is the final resting place of all lost minds who did not manage to ascend into the timeless layers of Illusionary or Reality. They who are Allseeing stands a lonesome vigil onto this layer, occasionally weaving into the prime with their winged kittens. They are who create, destroy, care and ignore, both alive and death and all states in between. Once one succesfully passes through the layer of the Outer Cold, which only the worthy can do without their self breaking apart forever and scattering into the Eight, one may find themselves ascended into the final layer.

    Ninth layer, Seat of All

    The seat of all weaves over all other layers at the same time, and the great Cat will greet you with a smile and three pats on the head. Having traveled far, your mind will have reached the ultimate understanding of reality, and legends state that you will be allowed to help Them in their goal of making the entirety of the Prime suitable for all living and dead things, where conflicts cease yet rage, as is the nature of madness and perspectives. Where things, scary and cute, emerge and vanish as is the nature of the woven Illusionary of the Outer Void. Where emotions link people and things together, binding them into something greater than the sums of their parts as is the nature of the reality and the inner void. Where the dead rest peacefully, and return back to embrace life anew through the endless cycle of the outer cold. And all will be joyful, as the first layer must never be forgotten, and will never be ignored, as without joy, nothing truly would be.

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  • Ok I didn't read everything but your love for cats is beautiful

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    All Hail The Cat God!!!

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