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    Cold case might be the most underrated series out there

    I am rewatching this old series 'Cold Case' and I'm about halfways season 3 now, and this show..
    I remember liking it when I was younger, so I thought I'd just rewatch it and expected mediocre acting and a bit of a wannabe csi vibe to be honest, but it's actually really good.

    Like, the casting is very good, also for the individual episodes with the smaller roles. They go back and forth in time a lot where they have some flow over scenes that just look good. Sometimes they have different actors for the older and younger scenes, and it's easy to imagine that they could be the older and younger version of themselves, if you know what I mean. And sometimes they use make-up to make them look older and younger and it's just so convincing. I am amazed by it everytime..

    But to me the most important part is how it makes me feel, a lot of episodes actually leave me with a lump in my throat, the whole psychology of it all and the reactions are just so relatable, and makes you empathize with the characters.

    All in all, it's a great show to watch! :fire:

    And I'm not saying you should go watch it or anything, I just wanted to share my appreciation for a highly underrated show :D

    And a big plus for me personally is that I don't really feel a compelling 'need' to binchwatch, I can actually just leave it for a couple of days and then watch another episode, which is good haha :innocent:

    Anywayyss, have a joyful day!! :fire:

    Are there any underrated movies or tv-shows you'd like to share your appreciation for?

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    @Eucalyptus Have you tried the Tasmanian Blue Gum???

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    @Eucalyptus Tangled

  • Gamers Live Chat Regulars LurkersForLife

    @Eucalyptus wow you are so passionate about this show. I'd take a look 😄

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