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  • @Rot3m you are Israel.. so What is the reason that is causing the Israelis to kill Palestine?

  • @Rot3m Stop lying to the world, you warn people about the wolf, but you are the wolf, why do you expel Palestinians from their homes and steal them, why did you beat worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque and kill them, so far no Israeli has died from Hamas attacks, but so far more than 20 Palestinians have died, including children and women, You have the right to defend yourselves and Palestinians nooo, you are the ones who started all this, you are the ones who arrest, kill, displace and steal. You have a black day insha'allah

  • @Reda-10 yes yes yes, that's also my question question ❓why do you expel Palestinians from their homes and steal them, why did you beat worshipers in Al-Aqsa Mosque and kill them. And all @Rot3m ❓

  • @Reda-10 Yes, You could be right, I have a many questions, I would like him to answer us honestly. so i will ask him one by one.
    So the question that we have asked, he should give his answer first.

  • @Katherine-k yes he should answer honestly
    You can to youtube and watch how israeli steal house and when Palestinian own say why ?? He said if i didn't do that another will do. They are really don't have any feels, you can see how people pray in mosque peacely but they hit them and kill some people, you can see how much children die in Israël attack, hamas tell Israël to stop steal houses and give them 3 days to stop but they didn't stop, hamas have just small weapons are aimed only at military but Israël attack always building where peaple live and say we tell them before attack tht shame really shame, and Palestinian people have just rock to attck but Israël have weapons and kill them, you can watch all this in youtube and judge between us, if i steal your house you will just watch or you do a reaction ?? That what Palestinians do
    Sorry i talked much 😁😁😁

  • @Katherine-k my people are getting killed, they die because a terrorist organization shoot rocket at israeli civilians. When the Israeli army respond to those attack, the terrorists hide behind the palestinians.

  • @Katherine-k he'll continued her lying and never answer exactly

  • @Reda-10 I know very well and I have seen videos of how the Israeli is stopping Palestinians from worship, and taking away his house and they are doing a lot Oppression and there is no mercy in these people.
    And I can see in some videos that no weapon is with the Palestinians. And This question is good, what will be your reaction when someone steals your house from you. So @Rot3m will tell us what he will do in such a situation when someone kills you or beat you up and steals your house, what will you do?

  • @Katherine-k yeah this's the right question i hope he'll answer

  • @Reda-10 Now we are waiting for the answer.

  • @Katherine-k our acts are defense and not attacks. We are not trying to harm palestinians, we are trying to eliminate Hamas's terrorists. Humans are humans, no matter the religion. We warn the palestinians about the attacks hours before they happend to minimize the harm of citizens.

  • @Katherine-k you are talking about the riots at al aqsa right? Let me tell you how it started. Hamas told the arabs to fortify inside the mosque and to use stones and fireworks to harm the israeli police and military. Have you seen the tree that caught fire near al aqsa? It was a palestinian with a firework that started this fire.

  • @Reda-10 there are 10 israeli who died from Hamas's attacks. more palestinians die because Hamas prioritise attacking israeli civilians more than defending the palestinians. Hamas uses the palestinians as a human shield while the IDF uses Iron Dome and shelters to make sure all Israeli civilians are safe, jewish and arabs. Hamas hides their ammunition inside Mosques, Hospitals and schools. When Israel neutralize those depots it looks like they bomb those building without any context.

  • @Reda-10 I just answered, you can check it out.

  • @Katherine-k don't believe him u can say how Palestinian died and how much children died and how much woman died, steal houses and say it's not illegal, this people live in this houses before creator of israel and it's in Palestinian side i mean east jerusalem so don't keep lying, and hamas don't have any power in Jerusalem, it has power in Gaza only, and hamas warn u after u steal houses and beat people in aqsa mosque, and give u some days to stop but u didn't, and for now no israeli die because hamas don't have weapons like israel u can see how children die and another cry because his father die and father lose all her family execpt a baby.......... Many videos

  • @Rot3m Israel is killing. Why they have gone to al Aqsa? even after death, they will not be able to take it to the grave. Hamas helped when they saw that Israel is not stopping.
    And maybe you are sorry for the death of 10 of your Israelites, but maybe you are not watching the videos that the whole world is watching? So That's why, you are not aware of it. People can see how the Israelis are snatching the Palestinians' houses from them and killing them, what self-defense are you talking about.

  • You made me laugh sadly, you Israelians shouldnt even be In Palestine to start with go search the history , you have given by force Palestine as a country to settle In and then you started killing and destroying everyone who say no for your dream to build a Jewish country In Palestine! You're religious fake belief and those standing behind the conspiracy told you " you're the chosen ones " .. So don't try to fool us , Israel created a law that allows them to captivate under 15 children and torture , kill innocent lives. You'll never be victorious It's a promise from Allah remember It cause one day Surely you will . You're government taught you hatred towards arabs muslims and Christians . It's a shame how fake non human hearts you have .

  • Soul Searchers

    @Rot3m man... Antivirus is never attact file but attact virus within file itself !!!!! if you and your country say hamas is terorist why you kill 8 palestine children and women not hamass treatment??
    stop lie to the world

  • @Abdlsatar-Abdlsatar
    ما رأيك ، من خلال القيام بذلك ستحصل على المال ، أم أن هذه لعبة؟

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