💕Life has to end but love doesn't 💕

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    @Katherine-k you can go to his house but you cant do the nasty stuff lol. But i get what you are saying. Its sad

  • Wow u have a good story which tells you can be a good lover wow I love it

  • how did he give you his phone number when he was watching you over an opposite building? he shouted out loud?

    Why his friend know your phone number?

    I felt sorry for you to happen to wait for him for an hour, it must be frustrating.

    and bravo.. he's like Tom in Tom & Jerry. He keeps on having accident.

  • @swk You wouldn't want to know, How did we exchange phone numbers 😜 but in india, it's very easy to exchange phone numbers. I'm telling a story of my aunt when she was in high school. When there were no phones, So At that school, a boy used to like her, and after much waiting, he gave her Flowers bouquet on Valentine's Day. So he sent it not through himself but through his friend. So in those days, friends used to do the work of exchanging messages. hope you got it.

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