• I hate exam week. I hate it beyond belief. Not because of all of the exams that I will inevitably fail and cry about, but because of the fact I have nothing to do. Everything I could've done to prepare for the various doomsdays has already been done. There are no new assignments popping up in classroom. No impending deadlines. The freedom is like a prison cell that I am desperate to get out of, back to the confinements of endless, mind numbing tasks.

    Dreadful sunday. I sit at my laptop running in circles like a damn hamster. Open classroom, see that there are no tasks, close classroom. Open my school books, see that nothing new has popped up, close the various tabs I've opened. I check my school mail, but it's as empty as my schedule for today. I check if anything new has popped up in the student council chat, something I should be working on, preparing, but alas, there is nothing there. The last time anyone has spoken a word in there is last friday, and it was about what furniture we want to get into the student council room. Some couches would be nice. There are no couches in the school as of now. Or benches. Where the hell did they go?

    Sorry for the rant ':DD
    I guess I'll just go outside. I don't like taking walks when it's sunny but there is nothing else even slightly productive that I could be doing.
    Take care! Have a good sunday!~

  • You too dep!🤘