• So I always takes note of what i dream each night. I started it because I just have a really good time with this person in my dream once. I actually know who is he, know his name, but we never met before. I know him because my friend showed me about him but i don't really care at first. I was busy looking at his friend instead haha. But one time he started to show up in my dream. I never took dream seriously but we've been seeing each other in dream and it feels so real. He seems to understand me whenever I'm sad. He show up when i have a hard time. So i always take a notes about what we doing when he show up. Altough a lot of times i literally forgot what just happend 😅

    And this is what makes me curious... He likes to make music and some of his songs, the lyrics, tells about a dream. I feel like it's implicitly depicts about the events in the dreams i ecounter with him. Even the details like how i describe in my notes is the same. Like i write "bear hug" (because we hugged in the dream) and the lyrics is "... just like a bear". And other songs also have the similarities.

    I really want to hear opinions from you guys here because I'm afraid telling it to my friends becuase it may seems weird and not everyone believes in dream. But somehow i believe it can be a place for communications, not just our subconscious mind. Thankyou 💕

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    @Cool-Grapes I was having such dreams when I was 7 to 10 years old 🙃 and I was really enjoying it , but I did not tell it anyone around me because I have decided to make those dreams come true

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    @Cool-Grapes I am getting curious about your dreams 🙃

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