• Alrighty, this is the most common question... who doesn't like music... Duh!!
    but what are your fav music artists or songs... ??

  • I grew up on what my parents loved (Mostly classic rock). As I grew up I began to carve up my own music tastes from the new music. My dad passed away when I was 8 so I really started to have my own musical tastes from the new music that came out in 90s, 00s, and 10s. Really since I've had Spotify I've been able to skyrocket more music than ever before. Here are a list of my top 10 songs of 2020.

    1. The War We Made by Red
    2. Bird in a Cage by Freedom
    3. Last Words to a Refugee by Cut Worms
    4. Thirteen by Armors
    5. Someone Else by Rezz, Grabbitz
    6. Don't Stop by Cobi
    7. Take Your Time by The Pale White
    8. All This Time by Dispatch, White Buffalo
    9. Whole Lotta by grandson, DREAMERS
    10. No Sleep by No Love for the Middle Child

    As for bands/artists (In no particular order)

    -Gary Clark Jr
    -Freedom (Haitian artist)
    -Counting Crows
    -Smashing Pumpkins (Their old stuff)
    -The Roots
    -Kanye West
    -Foo Fighters

    Some Artists that are severely Underrated
    John Levitt
    New West
    Delta Spirit
    The Green
    Bizzy Crook

    The Song I'm currently Bumping
    Adeline by Dip