• Hey guys here's an introduction to me:

    Nickname: Fletch

    Trans ftm? Yes!

    Gay? Yes!

    Asexual? Yes! to explain what it means: (I do not experience sexual attraction in anyone and I do not find anyone sexually appealing and I do not want to have the s*x)
    My Pronouns Are: He/him

    Taken? No!

    Lonely? Yes!

    Sad? Yes!

    17? Yes! I turned 17 yesterday on the 18th of February

    Height of 4'11? Yes! I know I know I'm really short, and I don't like being short. Because if I can't reach something high up I either have to stand on a chair/stool or ask for help

    In High school? Yes!

    KPOP fan? Yes!

    Anime fan? Yes!

    K-Drama fan? Yes!

    Asian BL fan? Yes! (Love By Chance, Sotus S. The Series, Color Rush and Because Of You are my favorites

    Looking for a bf? Yes! (17 to 18 though)

    Soft? Yes! Very soft. So soft that I can't even watch scary movies alone or even watch scary movies, and if I do I have to have all the lights on in my room. Even the slightest touch will scare me to the point that my hands shake for like 4 minutes.

    And I have Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns

    Favorite color: Purple

    Kissing, cuddling, hand holding, hugging are my thing, even though I have never done any of those because I've never had physical contact with a guy before (neither a girl. But I'm gay, I only like guys).

    An affectionate guy? Yes I am a very affectionate guy.