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  • omg so cool!

  • @tblakee0 well okay
    why didn't you upvote it and critique it?

  • @Cyberdyne huh?

  • @tblakee0

    I said, why didn't you like this post, the video post since you think it is so cool, or awesome, as you said?

  • @Cyberdyne Felt like I was back in Hawaii again

  • Thank you Cyber,Very cool!!

  • @Jerksica very kind ty ty
    Do you see anything that can be improved, as far as the video?
    Or, did you watch it?

  • @Sassy

    Thanks for the like, I have been to Oahu
    Did you see anything in the video that could be improved?

  • @Cyberdyne yeah i watched it. I cant really think of anything bad to say. You did a good job and I like the ocean sounds at the end

  • @Cyberdyne

    Not much you can improve ina music video buut you did great 10/10

  • @Cyberdyne said in CRITIQUE MY VIDEO:

    Leave critique of video below to help me improve the vid

    I don't know what degree of professionalism you aimed for but I'll go ahead and take the liberty of being as judgy as I can. I hope you don't mind. It's an okay job for a beginner and the song is cute. Now here's what appeared problematic to me.

    1. At the beginning, first there is silence and then there is suddenly white noise?
    2. The palm trees mixing with the girl walking look more like a glitch than a fancy effect.
    3. Same with the girl video reversing - could be just that I didn't think it was cool
    4. Showing them hold hands at the exact time that he sings "hand in hand" is slightly cringe but again, that could just be me
    5. 0:18 did the man astral project? And later in the video, the palm trees blur too. I know it's an effect but those work only in tik tok videos, not professional music videos
    6. That mess of the instrument's wires is not adding to the asthetic sense
    7. Repetition of clips does not go unnoticed
    8. How come the man is not shown singing once? Bring out the performer in him. So far he just looks like a blind man playing on the streets
    9. Underwater scene comes and goes too fast. It looks more like a video collage that way if you don't put in a storyline
    10. Would be nicer if the woman was constant throughout. Or one could tell online clips have been used
    11. Especially because it's obvious the man is not in the same location as the palm trees shot
    12. 00:50 is it just me or the video is choppy?
    13. 01:35 clip looks so fake it's cringe
    14. Short clips of the man transition too fast. For example 01:48. Make longer more meaningful shots
    15. What's the point of randomly inserting a sunset video and then proceeding to show a noon sky? One might as well think you shuffle played these clips and played the song in the background
    16. Maybe if you show more angles of the man, the pajamas won't come with as much shock near the end lol

  • To be honest, the quality of the video is a little lame, but you could have improved it if you had slightly edited it in the video editor from movavi. They would just throw in some other melody, cut out a couple of moments, and it would have already turned out to be an extremely good video.

  • ?олобородька Well, are you not just full of ad hominems today? Fallacy much? You see, in life, not everyone you meet will like the same music types that you enjoy in your rather limited perspective. Cheers!