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    A social experiment is a kind of psychological or a sociological research for testing people’s reaction to certain situations or events. The experiment relies on a particular social approach when the main source of information is people with their knowledge and point of view.

    To carry out a social experiment, specialists normally divide participants into two groups — active participants (people who take action in some event) and respondents (people who react to the action). Throughout the period of the experiment, participants are monitored by specialists to identify the effects and differences as a result of the experiment.

    In most social experiments, the subjects are unaware that they are in an experiment. Several "actors" or "plants" are used to study social behaviors.

    Social experiments have also been used by companies to collect data about consumers and their opinion about a product or some particular topic, such as disturbing social behaviours, politics, and a plethora of other unpleasant subjects.

    Questionable Ethics

    Social experimentation has raised many ethical concerns, due to its manipulation of large groups of the population, often without the consent or knowledge of the subjects. In certain cases, Social experimentation has been staged unknown to the viewer in order to promote the image of the individual or for the pure purpose of generating controversy...

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