"Food for thot" - gotta be the most appropriate title for this

  • So the maid here is my age. Why do I deserve to eat this food while she's cleaning the floor? What has she done? Why is her world so different from mine? I'm thinking to myself.

    I can't even eat this food anymore because of her. I can't swallow it knowing she might be hungry too. But she has to clean first. First this home and then probably someone else's. Does she even have a home to herself? Idk.

    What have I done to earn this meal?
    It's unfair at so many levels

  • @sup If I may point to you, it would appear very arrogant of you to assume that her life demands pity. It is her way of life as yours is yours. She holds at all times in her hands, the power to change her ways if they bother her enough.
    As to why your lives are different, the reason is simply chance if we choose to ignore the many religious and non religious theories concerning birth and fate.

    Please do not bother yourself with the unfounded guilt of being undeserving of what was, by virtue of your birth, given to you. Yours is what your ancestry meant for you to have.

  • Just bang her lmao

  • @sup That's how life is. Regardless of our physical appearance, we all have more in common than we have differences. The only thing that makes us different from one another is just a little fortune

  • Our maid is a middle aged woman so I never felt like that, although I have compassion.

    This reminds of how she used to complain about me to my mom. I hated her lol 😂
    But we have a close bond, she's been for working for over 12 years now, part of family. But I still get annoyed by her 😒