Im sad

  • Hi! Be strong! There are always other ways....

  • Hi! Be strong! There are always other ways....

  • acknowledging that u need help is a good sign..it means u know ur problem..now the next step is to deal with it.
    most suicidal thoughts stem from the feeling of being alone and lonely...sit with people and spend time with them..even if u dont enjoy their company..try to be empathic..hear out others problems...this will help you to think outside of urself...which is good....it means u r focusing on something else other than selves.

    read a good book like a novel...based on ur taste...romance..thriller..scifi...immerse urself in the book..i can go on reading imagining myself as a character in the book...it makes me forget the world....alternatively start watching korean dramas...they have the same effect...they get u addicted and u forget abt ur problems..

    also try to include minimum of 30 minutes walk...and just take in everythng thats around..smile to people..not crepily...but lovingly...

    sit quietly and keep thinking..the world is a kind place and everyone is kind and loving..and everyone loves you..

    anytime u have the urge to suicide..go meet a friend and hug them...or find a baby and try to hold them in ur arms.and spend time with kids....or cats...or dogs.....

    also try cooking ur own meal....it helps....and when u cook.try to give commentry ..kind of like a cooking show...u will enjoy it immensly,,

    you will be fine..i promise..u just have to stop giving urself the priority and think abt others...and care for someone else.

  • I can offer you wisdom for I've been through this point in life myself before.
    I know what is like to be the social outcast, living a false life not knowing where to go or how to get there. Its one of the most difficult situations to be in, perhaps if you would allow me, I can help you.

  • Go to a therapist. Whatever the thing maybe that makes you depressed, remove them from your life. Remember that other peoples' opinions don't matter. Try to do relaxing things like yoga or gaming etc regularly (but don't get too caught up on those things; you should not try to escape the real world because it is how it is).

    I know what you are feeling. I have experienced this feeling before. Do not give up. Develop your sense of self.