• I will leave this world soon .
    But before I need to tell you things .

    To begin with, Atreyu is you see that just know you are a fucking garbage !!

    Next, You all need to understand I had always own @ALUCARD
    and I am the @JESS 's master even if they will say it's not true . It is very important .

    And to finish , You have a few days for tell me in reply you love me before I leave so let express hatred,have fun .

  • @Phaéris
    seriously? you're threatening self-harm because ppl are being mean towards you? grow up.

    also, if you're gonna leave this site then just do it. you don't need to announce it every other day. it's very annoying.

  • @sarah_the_magpie why do you reply in each post I made ?! Go annoy someone else .

    And I haven't say I want to delete my account I had say I want to die and remove all my good posts. It is not the same !
    Stop conclude wrong things I have never say !

  • This life is not even your's to begin. Stop and go back to sleep, maggot. Plus online harassment is not thw way to go, Maggot.

  • Hey don't die... It's okay things go wrong.. there are many beautiful things to live... You'll find someone to love... You'll find the way you want your life to be... Relax and love the world...
    If you have nothing to do in this world then why don't you help someone to make their life beautiful.. attest that way you may feel your life with living

  • ugh stop trying to seek attention
    if you wanna die just die......
    buh i agree w @rider33 ;))

  • Life sucks and then we die. I mean, you do what you need to do, but it won't matter after you die because.. you'll be dead. Live or don't, it's not easy and it's not fun. You just keep on keeping on. Still. You're death might mean more than you know. Or not. Idk. I myself have a child and I wait out every day because I now my s00000e would be so hard for him. So. I wait. Do what you have to do.. but consider waiting it out...

  • @rider33 said in Day X before I kill myself:

    Relax and love the world...
    If you have nothing to do in this world then why don't you help someone to make their life beautiful

    Really dude ? You think I just need to relax and love the fucking world ? You're stupid or what you think I will love this FUCKING HELL OF WORLD ??!!!! And you really think I will help people to make their life beautiful whereas if my life is hell now it's because of the people when I was kid ?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ?! People like you really need to experiment pain to understand

  • @Celosa you're so kind :)

  • @Phaéris why are you so angry with the world? We are all hurting at times in our lives and I can't imagine what pWhy ain you are feeling right now or how you can begin to trust anyone? I know often I feel like the world is against me and if I die no one will be at my funeral, they I'm no loss to the world. It can be draining and soul destroying. I'm sorry for the pain and anger you feel. 😭

  • @nothuman said in Day X before I kill myself:

    why are you so angry with the world?

    It's easy . Because everything in this world down to the smallest detail exists to make me suffer

  • I remind you that the purpose of this topic is that you tell me your hate in answers before I leave .

  • @Phaéris I wish I could take your pain away to make you feel better. I wish I could reach out through the screen and give you a big fat hug 🙌🙅‍♂️

  • @nothuman I don't need your hug

  • Ok I respect that not everyone likes hugs. 😣 Do you live alone?

  • @nothuman the purpose of this topic is that you tell me your hate not try to discuss about how I live :(

  • @Phaéris ok then. My hate is that people kill themselves when there are people like my brother who died of cancer , who wanted to live, didn't get a choice. I didn't get a choice for him to stay. Life is rough, they're are hurdles And rivers to cross, people who will walk all over you and take advantage and are rotten to the core! 😣

  • @nothuman It's absolulty not what I was thinking when I said hate... Just know I have been very mean with lot of people on this website and I had I insulted and annoyed lot of people without reason and now I wait for their hate in comments BUT I specify that @ALUCARD_ and @JESS do not have the right to tell me their hatred because they are my slaves !

  • @Phaéris for what it's worth i like your quote about people don't have what they deserve, thru have what the have. Can totally relate to that 😂 night. I hope you find what you're looking for in life and find peace. Xoxo 💕

  • Banned

    @Phaéris Phenis I’m am not nor will I ever be you’re slave. You’re not worth my loyalty or efforts. You’re barley worth my attention. But I comment simply because you told me not too. 🖕