Valentines Day message for people jaded by Valentines Day

  • I've been around the block, me. One one hand, I've got a huge amount of sympathy with people who dislike Valentines Day. It's too commercial, it's too regimented. But at the same time, it's still a 'thing', and I love all 'things' (within reason). But apparently single people can get genuinely depressed by this stuff, so I always think I should point out:

    • Over the years, I have put zero effort into initially finding a 'missus' - it just happens naturally. And if the thing lives or dies, I'd like to think it's related to our personalities, not who much cash we spend on each other, or ham-fisting a fancy meal or a day out.

    • The most important thing is to be a good companion to yourself. Like attracts like, innit.

    • We live for a crazy amount of time. You can't even imagine it right now. WE LIVE FOR AGES. The romance will come.

    • A lot of girls don't like Elvis or Johnny Cash. I don't know why. Just deal with it.

    That's all.

    girl by windowjpeg.jpg

  • @Indrid-Cold Bonded or not, I hope you have a beantastic day! Thank you. 🙂

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