Finding friends

  • Do you really think all those dating and friends making sites actually even work?? Because I've been spending long enough on those sites and I would say I actually barely came across any single ones who could even talk with you... All those people who've devoted their lives and times in making those apps, products and services have successfully developed systems but in order to run it properly requires 'people' which I've barely found anywhere across in this platform or any other I've ever used or came across... It's all worthless... No matter which part of the world you ever go there would be bad people who're gonna make it about it and turn all those good products into bad ones spoiling the whole product at the same time... It's not worth it... Not worth it at all... Especially for the amount of time you spend on it....

  • just because it doesn't work for you doesnt mean others haven't found success in those sites and apps. for a lot of people sites like these are an escape from people's daily lives. a way to express themselves and so on

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