i believe in fate.

  • personally i believe whatever happens in life happens for a reason. i don't believe in luck or anything along those lines. i'm not religious but i do think we all have a so called fate that cannot be changed. out of curiosity does anyone else share the same thoughts on the subject?

  • LurkersForLife Gamers Freedom Writers

    @riagan destiny.gif

    We all have a path to walk. We make choices along that path constantly. And i still believe we have a destiny. i dont know how my personal choices can be included into a bigger interconnected all-time (one long running plan) and all-space(one all inclusive plan) picture. but the fact that i can think of it at all means that it is at least possible in reality.

  • i believe there's a plan for our life, and that, no matter the choices we make, the outcome was already made for us beforehand. so there isn't luck, although you can certainly call circumstances lucky or unlucky, but in the end, it comes down to you. coz of course, you can let yourself go and be a piece of shit, but that was the plan. and on the other hand, you can be famous and the best person out there, but that was the plan in the first place.

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