• I want a female friend/s that I can share my secert fetish to and they try it out for me. It's a crazy one but I would love to see it happen in person and not just on video. It would be even better if they enjoyed it as much as I do. The last friend i had didnt understand me and was judgmental, I want the opposite of that. An whatever weird secerts they have they trust me enough to share with me. That our weird interest connects us and be our little secert from everyone.

  • @ceebee well !! so not get hooked up with screen wanking, it not good to get addicted to porn or to watch all the time also it's not real at all .. it's reel!!
    Sex is one thingy or act all people do with full awareness and being completely Conscious about it and forget whole world around you .. that's being free in mind ok!! w you do not know how to free your mind not thinking about sex or being horny , that's sad brother
    Women are not a sex machine yeah , nice to have sex but not to beg for it that's disrespect toward any being !! I could suggest learn tantric sex , ever heard of it ??: It's s art of sex comes in kama sutra but it's not given to public because its not for all it has some sense, spiritual sense in it..
    So now what ever you see on porn it's s art of tantric sex orgy group fettish but done with respect not with fear or greed . but these fools like you too ..
    forget to let go .
    No knowledge just addiction

  • @ceebee Every guy wants female frnds here lol