• The wait is over! The new Psychedelic Furs album is OUT NOW, and here's one of my fave tracks from it. Covid may have slowed the release by a few months, but well worth the wait, in my opinion! Enjoy!

  • @Lazz I'm liking this a lot but it's not original singer is it? They'll never do a better album than talk talk talk, and never a better song than pretty in pink but this is a chilled, lovely, emotional tune

  • @Scottish Yeah, it's Richard Butler, in all his gravely voiced gloriousness. I'm with you. Talk Talk Talk was the epitome, for sure. Just by the way, how did you even GET here, to this Topic? All my navigation buttons aren't working. I had to take the long way around just to post!

  • @Lazz i dunno bro, the site is being weird with me too, really? It's Richard butler? He must have stopped smoking for the last 20 years 😂😂 site is being really strange, i can't access latest topics/recent topics etc, just threads i am mentioned in, wtf? 😁 ok, you know i can't upload stuff to here, fuck knows why, all my other apps work ok. So it's on you, you have to upload pretty in pink

  • @Scottish OH! What? Pretty In Pink, you say? :thinking: Sure, take your pick! :grinning_face:

    From Talk Talk Talk

    From the Some Kind Of Wonderful soundtrack

    Midnight To Midnight LP mix

    Re-recorded for the Pretty In Pink soundtrack

    Yeah, I know there are more, but...

  • @Lazz lolz, you legend Lazz 😁✌✌✌

  • @Scottish :grinning_face::+1: