• The GOOD: After nearly 30 years The Psychedelic Furs are back, with a new album!
    The NOT AS GOOD: The expected May 1st release date has been pushed back, till maybe June, or July (blame corona).
    The Also GOOD: Two songs have recently been previewed. Here's one of them:

  • @INSANE-INSIDE No worries, new Furs is gonna be awesome. Still a bit more of a wait, but will be worth it!

  • @Lazz that's great! What are the chances it will be as good talk talk talk though?

  • @Lazz this is true Lazz, i thought that as soon as i posted. And can you imagine if his voice has got more rich and gravelly with age like bob dylan and Johnny cash? There will be tremors in the ground at their shows like the bass at reggae gigs

  • @Lazz haha yes,good description Lazz. Reminds me of a House of Love lyric-"the beatles and the stones, suck the marrow out of bones", a great song but it's called Beatles and the Stones, tricky to find online when you type that in 😁

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ Music Lovers

    @Lazz me walking to the stereo because of the obvious
    alt text

    Also, fuck my shitty image posting skills

  • @Lazz I'm into it like a train Lazz 😊

  • @Lazz thanks for the update ..I heard this folks before but I thoughr, lost for ever on psychedelics searching for new fur I!!

  • @Lazz I am not aware of it and thank you I did like them before . I will check it all of their new song

  • @knownsense The new album's title is Made Of Rain.

  • @Lazz great about to ask you same question and you did read my mind wonderdful!!

  • @Scottish Richard Butler still has the same gravely voice. Like salt on an open wound. That's Furs enough for me!

    Talk Talk Talk is classic, though, and I'll also include the 1st album, if only for Sister Europe

  • @Scottish Sadly, the shows planned for the time of the album release have also been moved back. But one day the very earth shall quake! Either it's Butler, singing, or someone is using a sandblaster

  • @knownsense The new album has been available for at least a couple months. I've shared a few of the new songs, in other Topics.

    Welcome back Furs! It's been too long without you :smile:

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