• We are educated, as most of you know, we don't have people who are uneducated here, even if you're not as educated as others, you still have the moral compass.

    If you coming to this site telling people that you are horny, your dick size, wanting males/females to do sexual favors ,wanted nudes, etc, please, there's a better website than here and there is a lot of telegram groups and forums out there to help the urge, if that's can't satisfied you, there's always porn. I don't see why coming here inconvenience others and scar other people to satisfy the urges.

    And for those who always come here and complaining about this is full of lalalalalaa n those being nasty horny mf, Barbie/Ken, please, if you can't find someone decent, it is always your choice to leave and don't have to stay or better way, IGNORE. Do not have to act too normal in life, it is way too sneaky and suspicious as well. None is normal. None is serious. Serial killer and rapist have way too normal n boring life.

    Just don't be a selfish cunt. That's basically life.

  • @Sunwukong
    Yes there are places where they can satisfy their urge . If they can't find it. Just look at tws ads. They will guide those people to go those places 😂😂

  • @Patrick33 can't be bothered with clicking ads even tho they knew it'll help, but still no. Stay here n be horny for eternity. 😂

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