This site is full of...

  • 1: Pathetic men who can’t take up responsibility and attempt to hold a decent conversation with a woman.

    2: crazy young people who have no business being on this cesspool of a website

    3: people who hate on others ( especially those in groups such as LGBT ) I mean I don’t agree with everything they do but I certainly don’t hate on them.

    4: people who can’t hold a damn conversation to save their lives

    5: witnessed the sheer stupidity that goes on here

    With those things being said and after 30-40 attempts to try and talk to a random person with 90% of initial response is M or F or their username is along the lines of something sexual ( seriously guys just use tinder you’d stand a better chance getting a sext partner ) I’ve decided to quit this website just for the sheer fuckery that goes on here. Those of you who have held conversations with me or made friendly banter I wish you all luck! If any of you have encountered the above mentioned I also wish you well and to find someone worth your while. Homer

  • Oof...that’s all I have to say is oof😂dat be true tho

  • Dang, im like... all in in texas hold 'em poker.

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