why marraige?

  • why do u think marraige system is necessary??
    give me points both for and against marraige
    (p.s. im not talking about love )

  • PROS:

    1. Benefits on Insurance and Taxes and Pension. (Yes i wrote the financial part first)
    2. It makes your legal life easier in case of medical or financial emergencies.
    3. It Gives You a Chance to Celebrate Your Coupledom
    4. It provides men/women with security if one fine day the other decides to get up and leave.
    5. You Get New Labels That Reflect the Seriousness of Your Relationship.


    1. You're Subject to Others' Expectations and Rules.
    2. Weddings are expensive.
    3. Divorces are more expensice.
    4. Commitment Phobia could ruin what is already good.

    p.s. im not talking about love

    Following this rule reduced the answer by a lot.

  • @lucifer_ that makes a lot of sense...thanks

  • So that people don't do adultery and prostitution. That is one imp reason out of many.

  • @talkwithstranger said in why marraige?:

    So that people don't do adultery and prostitution. That is one imp reason out of many.

    I do not see how marriage can prevent people from adultery or prostitution

    1st if you're not married then you can't commit adultery since adultery is cheating on someone you're married with so if you're not married you can't commit adultry

    2nd you can be married whilst being a prostitute and you can even hire prostitutes to commit adultry

  • I think it's a fun little activity which is completely arbitrary and which is just a concept that should be free to anyone to take advantage of but it's unnecessary.

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