• We all have shitty heartbreaks, situations or relationships that ended horrible. What was it to you? What broke your heart?

  • Mine is.... very recent. I was dating a woman that i had been friends with for 3 years. We were very close, worked together for a year or so, and started dating. my best friend and I knew her family, and my best friend helped us get together; Transversely, her best friend helped set us up too. I loved her more than ANYTHING I've ever loved in this world. one day I had a sinking feeling when i looked at her phone.. I've been hurt in the past so I eventually snooped and saw that she had been actively posting on a site called fetlife. When I confronted her about it, she denied it adamantly, even though id seen it with my own eyes. We ended up breaking up, and getting bacxk together the next day..... I was still really upset though. i found out about fetlife on my birthday, and a few days after we got back together, i drank half a bottle of bourbon and swalowed over half a bottle of tylenol. I remember thinking about how many times id been hurt like this, and the fact that she knew that I had been terribly hurt in the past. I imagined myself without her and couldn't bear it. After swallowing the pills i passed out, and woke up very sick and had sine come to my senses. I went to the hospital and was in the ICU for 5 days with tylenol level of 98% and liver enzymes in the 12000's (Normal level is 50}. I had encephalapothy and ended up going so crazy i blacked out for 4 of the 5 days. They called my family in and gave me 24 hours to live. Yet I ended up making a turn for the better and survived. I currently am waiting to see a specialist to see how much damage was done to my liver. I'll spare most of the rest. It turns out when we ultimately broke up for good a few months later. she had naked picture of her best friend on her phone. she was bi-sexual and she had been a mutlitude of websites having cyber affairs. The idea of her cheating on me with her best friend was almost as bad as her sleeping with one of mine (been there) What made it all so painful is that she had me convnced that she truly loved me...... we rarely fought. she wrote me poetry, I wrote her songs. It was the first time I ever truly wanted to get married and have kids. we had a tremendous amount of things in common; to an uncanny degree. No matter if you think you know someone, just be careful.

    -P.S. If you're wondering why I would react to all this in such a way, I'm very severely type 1 Bi-Polar

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  • @Magicpopcorn That sound awful, I can't even imagine what you must have felt. But what I can assure you is that you're better than him, and you're way too great for an asshole like him. I'm glad you move on, keep going! You're a badass! 🖤

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  • My heartbreaks have been about very trivial issues since I hv not been in a relationship. One that I remember is when my brother stole my share of the chocolates which Dad got us we were like 7 or 8 he ate all my chocolates so Mom gave me his not really a heartbreak but a memory I cherish

  • @Lucy-Blackheart Just recently I somehow lost the Love of my life, it took me 38 years to find her, I have never experienced being with anyone like her, she is so desirable that everyone from guys to girls seems to be attracted to her though, I felt secure as our sex life was amazing and she said I was the best sex of her life. Then something unbelievable happened, a good friend of hers waited till we were in a fight and then showed her a text message from me I sent 3 months earlier and somehow convinced her that in this message I was bragging about how I would wait till she was asleep sound enuff and then I would do what I wanted with her and had been rapping her analy, which just so happened was a very bad subject to her and something she never dealt with after her fiancee held her down and analy rapped her. I would never do anything like this to her and I don't know how she wouldn't know this but after some time she saw that this so called friend had conned her but she is still cold to me now and is knumb to the world now honestly

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