• So every time I have a random chat with a stranger, the first thing they do is ask for my gender which is ridiculous already. And by stranger, I mean their username that can be seen on a porn site. So when I say male, they left. When I say female, you continued on as if that's a cue for you unzip your pants and let your cock spring free. As if that wasn't enough, you'll ask for my age too. I don't know if you're Humbert or Ted Bundy but when I say the age that is seem too appropriate for you, the next question will be something far too inappropriate.

    Yes, I am dirty minded. I am guilty of that but I am not as dirty minded as you are and if you're horny, the site for you is pornhub and not tws. Thank you :3

  • @nyulester :clap: :clap:

  • Im not going to ask you, i just wanted to know why you mentioned that you feel its ridiculous for people to ask you what your gender/age is.... if it bothered you that much then why reply with anything at all.

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