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    July, 2018

    Jus’ before the lunch break, our class was outside in the school’s ground as it was our sports class. Some girls of our class were gossiping about the only boy in our school who looks sexy af.

    Somehow, that caught my attention. So, I was damn interested in knowing who he was. They told me that he was popularly known in our school as Avi. His name seemed pretty cool to me. I asked them more about him. I got to know that he was 2yrs senior and had a gf too. They also told me that he had posted some shirtless pics showing off his muscular body on his insta feed.

    Suddenly, the bell rang. As it was lunch, we stayed back in the ground for a while. Out of a sudden, a boy came outside. He had blonde highlights, long eyelashes, sharp jawline, perfect eyebrows & muscular body. He reminded me of Edward Cullen. He did pushups first and then some impressing moves with the football.

    Tbh, I instantly fell in love with him. I just couldn’t stop staring at him. I almost fainted. He was the exact type of boy I always looked for. This is what we call, love at first sight.

    *The first thing I did when I reached home was check out his insta. But, idk why I couldn’t find his profile. I dmed all my friends, even searched on google but nothing really helped. I thought I was never gonna find him. So, I gave up. *

    Since that day, I used to bunk classes to see him. During every break, I used to go to the senior wing and stare at him whole time. I couldn’t help myself. My happiness used to depend on him. When he used to be absent, I used to be lost in the class thinking about him.

    October, 2018

    One day, I got an idea to make a new account. From my new account, I dmed him. I wasn’t hoping to get a reply. But to my surprise, he did reply. I felt really happy. Soon, we started chatting. I complimented him a lot. He seemed really sweet and kind to me. We even exchanged some pics. And, he started to flirt with me.

    Next day, he asked me to meet him irl. But I said no cause I was damn shy. He asked me why, and I told him about the accident that happened with me. He said that looks don’t matter at all. Now, this really made him the perfect type of guy for me. I started loving him even more.

    I made a big mistake of sending ss of some of our chats to my bff. She couldn’t believe it was him. This news spreaded like wildfire. He got angry at me for doing this, and I promised to never repeat this again.

    2 days later, I confessed my love as I couldn’t control anymore. I told him how much I love him. Sent him many long paragraphs about how I fell in love with him.

    He started being a little weird. He told me to not dm him from my real account. He just wanted me to talk to him from that fake one that I created before. His gf got to know about all this. She asked me to stay away from him. He suddenly blocked me. I was soo confused. Tbh, I didn’t know what to do. So, I again gave up.

    I used to cry for him a lot. I was heartbroken. Nobody came for help. Friends never helped. They made fun of me in every way possible. They became his friends and created misunderstandings between us. He started to hate me. He ignored me a lot.

    I used to satisfy myself by seeing him in school. Like, by sneaking and all. I started bunking classes again just to see him. During every break, I used to go to the senior wing and stare at him whole time. I couldn’t help myself. Just one look made my day. And, still, I'm living like this....

    Tomorrow is his birthday, and this is his last year in school...I want to do something really special for him, for him to remember me by...
    Any suggestions?

  • Wow...thats heartbreaking...I...dont have any words..i guess all i can say is good luck

  • @Pepsigurl Now that's a heartbreak which stays, a heartbreak you never wish happened. But the motto, not to be rude, is to move on. It sounds impossible, it even did to me, when I faced very similar circumstances. But with a little bit of heart, and some thought, you should be able to move forward!
    It is very sad when such incidents happen, and it only feels very heartbreaking because you thought you heard the perfect click.
    But if you still insist on doing something special, all I would say is, maybe just say hi? You shouldn't go head over heels, even though you feel like going so sometimes. It is really hard resisting the urge, but you got this in the bag if you use patience, and a bit of steel in your heart. :)

  • @Pepsigurl he had a girlfriend , are you sure he liked you back.

  • Ok so im not sure why he would flirt with you if he is taken . And also if he has done all of that after tou confessed your feelings i dont think he deserves your sweetness and beautiful honest heart. Its his birthday but honestly the best gift you can give him is to let go of him and start a new story. Sometimes we just need that leap of faith to get us out of what seems to be the sweetest but is destructive. It will be hard but it is worth it

  • @Pepsigurl don't think it's worth it

  • @Pepsigurl shirtless pics. I see 😏 Anywhoooo just let him go. There's really nothing you can do. I'm sure he'll remember you.

  • @Alireza-iran @Pepsigurl
    Ali here has said what needs to be said, that was just an attraction and letting go now is the best u can do

  • @NaMo agree

  • @John-Snow-007 That was surely confusing me....but yeah, he used to pay attention

  • @Pepsigurl alot of guys want to be just friends with girls.