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    The title means literally : "The mysterious tower and its secrets"

    This is a map minecraft to download 👈🏻

    The player starts in survival with some basic essentials (visible on screenshot) to start the adventure I propose ...
    You see a mysterious and strange Tower surrounded by the sea not far from your position from the top of your mountain and that's where it all starts for you ...
    Because your goal will be; Firstly ; to succeed in reaching this Tower surrounded by water and then to enter it ... To discover its secrets ... which will help you to survive or maybe kill you ... Who knows? 😉 (No need to destroy any block to enter or advance in the Tower)
    The Tower promises surprises (more or less well hidden) with Redstone mechanisms and everything necessary to survive without having to leave it.

    Version 1.15.2

    Someone interested ?


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    niceeeee 🥧

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