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    @XD7 but I was dead serious dude..lol

  • @anythingwhatever I was serious too...lol😅 but now everything is good

  • @XD7 keep up the spirit..cheerio

  • @anythingwhatever chuck us a follow my dude

  • @James-C-137 sure thing buddy

  • @anythingwhatever cheers man also do u know anything about linux

  • Doesn't sound like a suicide post to me. Anyways what should I say. TWS is a strange place, it can be quite depressing to be here. So use at your own risk and be balanced about it.

    But let's jump to the bigger questions. When you feel like you don't have a reason to live... then you haven't found a reason to live yet! (no shit sherlock :joy:) That's good, because it means, you can start searching. I could give you my answer, and I might, but before that let's appreciate the fact, that feeling bad is a good sign, that it's time to change something and grow.

    And you will have to do that yourself. I can give you my answer, but it'll be useless to you, if you don't challenge yourself with it. You'll have to go and figure out for yourself what your reason to live is. I cannot do that for you, I – and everyone else – can only be a sign for you, pointing in a direction. You must go and choose your way yourself. And you will do so, because even doing nothing, is choosing a way. A wrong one though :yum:

    Anyways, I myself have realized that TV and parties and all the things we do to not be bored are actually my reason for being bored. Stopping those resulted in me no longer being bored. And the meaning of life I've found in Christ. And I mean this is just subjective experience, but my life actually feels meaningful now. Took 10 years for a proper conversion though, I'm a tad slow :sweat_smile:. So I read TLIG and recognized His Voice. If you are one of His lambs, then you will recognize it too.

  • @pe7erpark3r Actually I made that post few days ago...I was out of my mind on that time...next time I will think twice-thrice before creating Posts...and everything is good Now,🙂

  • @James-C-137, Look life is worth living I found Ou It Is I Almost Thought it Away But God Steped in & Stoped Me From etGdoing It Now I've a10 Grand Children Preter 4 Grate I'm 73yrs old answer a& U My Wife For 48yrs Wasn't Not Butyfual l bet u Are Its In Side Thats what Counts Not Like Her, The Out Side Some Girls Are Knock Outs,But They Are Ugey In Side, Do 😟 About Your Looks , U can't Change Them, Thoughts Who Are Butyfual Get Old & Ugly in Time, Those Who Are Not Butyfual Get prettier in Time My Wife for 48yrs Has To Me , She Wasn't A Looker Ether, So Cheer up young Lady This Old Man be Your Self

  • This is normal, you are loved, you matter, think about the things you like to do, do you like to listen to music? You like nature and traveling? Do you paint? Do you play any instrument? You like to bake? When I'm feeling low I like to look at the clouds and the skies, it's relaxing.