• @Live-Chat-Moderators hey you all... I get upset to one of mods for banning me every time i'v joined on live chat

    There is someone pretended to be me and as if behaved like pedo so that my reputation got down

    It is the actual accnt of bey

  • Yes you are bey we already talked about this stop trying to lie you know what you did.

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Bey, speaking in my opinion and not that of all the moderators, we ban for a reason. If I see something that is wrong I’ll kick/ban. My suggestion is show up in live and not do anything that violates the rules.

  • @Bey well, just dm me and I'll explain better, but in few words, are you on live chat searching for someone to sexting?
    Because if yes, you will be banned even more after this topic

  • ABOOBS SPARTAN One Woman Army Freedom Writers Banned

    @Bey i suggest you dm Autumn and talk to her instead of making a topic

  • @DennisJM really.. I dont wanna sexting on it.. You know there is fake bey on it.. And pretend as if be me and behave like real pedo..😈, i dunno suddenly LILYLILIAN told me "bey invite someone to dirty video call" wth it is.. I even dunno it

  • @Bey I'm so sorry to hear that ): I hope things get sovled

  • This is all lies. Bey is a pedophile and a creep. Why would anyone want to clone him on Live Chat? It's made-up. He deserves to be banned for everything he's done.

  • @Wicked_ you're right.. Thank you very much for your reasonable thing. But, sometime it's subjective. There is a mod i think she bans me subjectively.. She is AUTUMN_ [lilylilian]..becaused of fake bey(behave like a pedo) she always ban me(the real bey) everytime i'm on livechat. It's not fair.. Yesterday, i gived up to stay be patient coz i'm too hurt(coz of auto-ban me) end up i decide to be bothering her to the rest of my life when she dont apologize!!!!. I'm sorry compelled to do this coz it's regarding self-esteem.. defamed as a pedo😭 WTF

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