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  • many a times i have seen couples who were so much in love and well adjusted with eachother falls apart after few years mostly because they are bored of eachother or they fall into the routine and they just hate what each of them has become,in short they are miserable even though have got nothing to complain about.

    and i have also seen single people being miserable because they feel loney and alone and has come to the conclusion that where there is no love there is no happiness.

    now if we are talking about the rich and poor ,the poor are miserable because they are poor ,society treats them bad..and no matter the hours they work they get the same low wages ,and rich are miserable because the load of money doesnt give them the opportunity for genuine relationships or just simply the time to enjoy it or other money related dramas.

    somehow i feel that we started crying from the time we took our first breath and we have never stopped since..happiness the only thing that lasts the least,the dominant part of our life is misery and sadness and sickness.
    somehow i feel that we need constant dramas to show us the value of drama free happy period in life.

    i have got 4 questions
    1)are we inherently negative species?
    2)why does a perfectly normal life bore us and tempt us to do something stupid?
    3)does this mean that humans feed on dramas?
    4)truely happy ..is that a true term?

    1. Many philosophers have argued it for centuries but I feel like I'm in favor of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who said that we are good by nature but get easily corrupted by the society

    2. Because chaos gives most people an illusion of progress. Hence, we get easily get bored by our monotonic lives which in turns tempts us to do things that are stupid and risky because we believe that it would be helpful to us in one way or another just because it breaks us from our daily routine.

    3. Yes, most of the humans do indeed feed on dramas. It is the reason celebrity rumors spread like wildfire and many celebrities remain popular in their industry by constantly supplying us with drama. It works because we talk about them due to their drama which in-turns focuses the media's spotlight on them and thus in spite of their lacking skill, keeps them popular.

    4. Happiness is not definite. It is something abstract defined only by the individual. So, someone may say that he is truly happy but is there any way to gauge it or can his definition apply to others.

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