• got a question for ya. tryin to understand the scenario in front of me and i need another set of eyes to see if what i think makes sense

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  • ill just lay out scenario. doubting many will have the knowledge to even know what im talking about

    so the setup i have a windows 7 lappy and a shitty android phone. on lappy i am runnign windump and ngrep. want to watch the packet traffic as i connected to my router in my home via my phone, using that as the AP (access point)

    so when i fire up the packet dumpers, i dont see anything as my phone connects to the home router and gets its DHCP offer/and acknowledgement. but i can see all standard home router traffic like normal IGMP group memberships etc

    am i to assume (and here is where i needed the confirmation/advice) because i dont have control over my router as far as a direct route back to my machine like having ip forwarding enabled in linux, and i have no ARP poisoning to have that traffic point back to me, i will not see any of this androind phone traffic?

    thats all im asking

    i ask this because when i steal the WIFI from the guy across the street sometimes i CAN see his DHCP traffic and DNS lookups and ARP traffic and even NETBIOS activity. not individual conversations, though. is this because i can only see BROADCAST/MULTICAST , but not UNICAST traffic? do i have to ARP poison every machine and force that route table to update and point me back as the designated route?


  • just curious. did any of this make sense to ANYONE HERE?

  • any serious feedback would be helpful here, this is important to me so ill give a few days and move one

  • and here i thought this place had hackers in training? dissapointed

  • @mikeJB the asylum šŸ˜‚(no offence tryna make a meme)

  • @Wonder-Women do you understad a thing i posted above?

  • @mikeJB no i no uderstad but i understand (a little) and idc idk no one replies to a bully (btw i think ur a bully)

  • @Wonder-Women not a bully at all. i just get appalled at all the fake hackers here who spout they have kali linux like that makes them special. it doesnt. especially when you cant even use the tools properly half the time. its like someone owning a gun and waiving it scaring everyone but you have shot one so you would blow your own foot off. making a mockery of hackign and the time it takes to invest in that knowledge, i take personally. kids with buttons and scripts to run dont impress me

  • WW, if you ever decide to use nmap and need help , look me up. i have used it since 1998. and anything hacking , nmap is a requirement. forget all those 1000 other tools. nmap and scripting, all you need

  • in all seriousness, you dont need kali and 200 tools to hack

    a packet sniffer
    a hex editor/way to write-inject code
    shell cmd access

    thats pretty much it. maybe burp suite but i dont care for html hacking anyway

  • was really hoping i could get some answers here. nvmd