It's not because of you are not enough, but a greater capacity to receive

  • I was reminded of there is a good purpose of things that happened in our lives.

    If you didn't get what you hope for, it doesn't means that you don't deserve it or you are not worthy of it. It could because that something better is waiting for you that you didn't realized it or it is not the right time for it.

    I believe all things have their own timings. We shouldn't rush for it. Don't blame yourself that you are not enough or why it does not happen the way you want..

    Example, I've got my driving license maybe 5 or more years ago but didn't have the chance to drive because I did not gain trust from my parents especially my dad. Eventhough, I passed my exam. I was so disappointed and upset that time thinking that why did he doesn't give me a chance to drive. You see I never know why...

    But years later, I was slowly given the opportunity and I cease it! Til now, in just months of lockdown, I need to travel afar for work by myself. You see.. I've never imagined to drive long distance. It would be a 7-9 hours drive.

    This story might sounds simple but what I'm trying to say and share is.... You will never know what God plans in your lives but definately a good purpose. You might not believe in God, it's okay. The thing is, sometimes He is trying to expand our capacity for something greater. Well, training our patience of getting what we one is already a lesson. What more? :)

    Sometimes, blessings are just around us. We just need to realized and receive them. It is not about the giver but the receiver. Our capacity to receive.

    Bless you. Good morning, Good afternoon and goodnight.

  • Great Inspiration 😊😀

  • @Baby-cute-BBQ want*

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