Literature express the love in the best manner ❤️❤️....

  • If you were my rose, then I'd be your sun,
    painting you rainbows when the rains come.
    I'd change my orbit to banish the night,
    as to keep you in my nurturing light.

    If you were my world, then I'd be your moon,
    your silent protector, a night-light in the gloom.
    Our fates intertwined, two bodies in motion
    through time and space, our dance of devotion.

    If you were my island, then I'd be your sea,
    caressing your shores, soft and gentle I'd be.
    My tidal embrace would leave gifts on your sands,
    but by current and storm, I'd ward your gentle lands.

    If you were love's promise, then I would be time,
    your constant companion till stars align.
    And though we are mere mortals, true love is divine,
    and my devotion eternal, to my one valentine.

    why I love so much ❤️❤️

  • What do I see in you? Oh boy. Oh boy,
    I see mountains and rivers a lifetime of joy,
    I see the sun shining on the greyest day,
    I see clouds of silver lining my way,

    What do I see in you? Oceans of blue,
    Colourful rainbows, morning dew,
    Trees of glory displaying leaves of green,
    I see goodness and beauty in all living things.

    I hear creatures of darkness prowling the night,
    But I'm safe in your arms as you hold me real tight,
    I feel the whispers of the wind entwining my soul,
    I feel you breathing, that makes me whole.

    I hear the rain falling, and the sun on my face,
    I feel the shadows of darkness as me you embrace,
    I feel happiness and laughter tears and sorrow,
    But without you my love there would be no tomorrow.

    I feel thunder and lightning, whenever you're near,
    I feel whispers of love wind brings to my ear,
    But of all of the things that nature may bring,
    It's your love I cherish above everything.