• mortalsaviour#8859

    heyy everyone. i made a new discord a while ago and i need more friends on it! if you add me on there if you could link me your profile or just say your username that would be great. we could voice chat; if i feel comfortable. i love memes, offensive jokes, art, youtube, cartoons (western & anime). so feel free to add me! any gender, any age i suppose? lol.

  • Hy,,,its nice

  • ayyy fellow weebs

  • HellI I am new here
    And I Need a friend

  • Who are you and why are you????

  • I am Alfred Gorden
    From boston

  • i thought discord was for gamers?

  • @mikeJB it's like the new skype; except people can make public groups around a topic such as dating, socializing, anime, etc. i personally use it to talk to friends through DM; because it's just a flawless program (in terms of design; very sleek and modern without being too confusing.

    also are you assuming im not a gamer? :cry:

  • @M0RTALITY Sent You A Friend Request ๐Ÿ˜Š(also i lov animeeee)