• @Rissa_TheBest Tensions are high with many, these days. Let's hope for peace, and calm, soon 🙏

  • @kaia_ Thanks for your thoughtful reply. Yes, I agree there's been as much of a panic pandemic, as a viral one. Good to be responsible, exercise caution, as well as take precautions. No-one knows what tomorrow will bring, but soon one tomorrow may brings us a sense of normalcy, again. There's that hope. 🙏

  • @knownsense Negativity can impact mood, appetite, sleep. Sadly, with many areas in lock-down and not used to being idle, tensions do tend to flare. But we can hope that the flare-ups don't lead to a fire.

  • @Celiaaaa During the week you can chill, take it easy, and relax. but when the weekend comes, get ready to DANCE. Even if you're not in your PJs, and it's not 3am LOL. 😁

  • @knownsense All good things to all good people. Positivity is key. Good vibes do resonate

  • @Canadian-guy Ahhhhh more to miss about Canada.

  • @knownsense Potentially very good news. I hope for positive results!

  • @Canadian-guy I lived up in AB for a bit. Still miss it.

  • @knownsense I follow these stories, but if you find you'd like to share, please feel free to. With an uncertain future, it is good to at least be aware of what we can be, in the ways we can be. To you, as well, good day

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