• i have never used these so tell me what to expect and what i should go for. i simply want a method to watch alot of my 80s tv shows, some movies, i dont care about recent shit nor do i care about new series like that lame tiger show. just a way to watch series shows from the 80s. i also like alot of investigation discovery show s like dateline, 48 hrs hard evidence, most evil, twisted, etc

    so what do you think of each and what do you recommend?


    ????????????????? ty

  • @mikeJB I have almost all of these and I would say Hulu would be best.
    I know youre looking for old school stuff but especially if you like true crime you should give tiger king a shot (its on Netflix though) I was hesitant about it first but its actually good. Its a good amount of funny, evil, true crime, etc. Im sure you would like it. :)
    I think when it comes to shows Hulu has a good selection to choose from no matter what youre looking for. Netflix's good side is Netflix originals, it seems to be what they focus on the most now. Youtube TV acting is just.... not there. I dont think it will have what youre looking for. Sling is okay but you dont get to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it and it messes up alot.
    Hope this helps :)

  • @Bonnibel how fake do you thing tiger king is though. like all reality garbage

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    @mikeJB Rick and morty thats dope af bruh watch it

  • https://azm.to/ may be this will help you

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    @mikeJB Id do sling if i were u, it has live tv and loads of shows on demand

  • @knownsense that site had a lot of pop ups and ads=garbage

  • @mikeJB Did you try? I use this site and I didn't see any pop or ads = garbage,while watching it , if you say so I agree for you all well no tention, was suggestion that it

  • @mikeJB Honestly wouldn't know. One guy is actually in jail and there are on going investigations so... probably more real than most.
    This day and age though anything can be real and anything can be fake

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