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    lmao chill... India, I think is a country where there are not much opportunities for sex/also they have no sex ed classes in high school... so people are more perv and stupid

  • @mikeJB tell me how many times you visited India ? I am damm sure more than once ??

  • @mikeJB u r not racist at all, u r wonderful being. Do you know how question your self?

  • @mikeJB all say pretty fly for a white boy , yeh hello looking is free !!rickshaw, taxi , Goa la , can you tell me how many time you came to India and would like to know ?

  • @mikeJB people like you so frustrated and hide well behind shadow , not understanding darkness or light all you know to behave trained well to act and react for image Conscious, look how wonderful I am and I am so white like a baby cockroach..
    I am very much capable to adopt my avatar of devil with my Consciousness and I am aware I am doing it to you and I do not have skin to call some race or nationality

  • @mikeJB
    Namaste white boy!! pethatic parasite ungracious little boy who like to wank on screen. Unerrect dick fuck cum face, where are you Hiding?? under mama's skirt or papa's chaddi (under pant) or hanging on Thier pubic hair ??

  • i just wish they didnt stink so damn bad. have to hold my nose while on the bus. damn curry those used clings to them like gasoline on their clothes

  • @emilyyyyy it's ok. i realize you have never taken a bus. then youd know. but you're too good for that , or busy playing on chaturbate

  • @Sargasm so do you take a bus or mingle on a terminal platform waiting for one? huh? ok, so i wont say EVERY INDIAN STINKS, but AT LEAST HALF DO. better? it is not fkn racism. it is what i smell and see and deal with in this city i live in. they cook with that nasty food that sticks to their clothes and stinks up everything. so tell me. are the landlords racist in town with this policy they have. if you cook with that shit in your house, you have to pay extra because they know that sticks to the walls and stinks up entore apt complexes. racist, no. fkn observance from everyday interaction

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