So I realised with all this going on.. that I literally do not speak to anybody outside of my household or my job. Kind of a depressing realisation... and so here I am :) I am just looking to meet likeminded friends and be more sociable :) Anybody also a little bit of a loner and in need of a sort of electronic pen pal? :D

  • Hey I've noticed the same, luckily I'm still working atm but it would be nice to chat with someone that isn't part of my house hold.
    I have friends but they're never just wanting a new conversation about things we might not have talked about.
    I'm happily in a three year relationship so also not looking for anything like that, guess just having one of those friendless nights lol

  • I take it you are in the UK and having almost as bad as a time as the States, Here in Canada things were bad but our government sorta did the right thing by and for us people that it seems things are better. mind you it is a different world now and our personal world has gotten a whole lot smaller. In was goddess bless the internet and in other ways a curse on the net and the exponential growth of the pervert factor

  • @emms-jane I am always here for a good conversation. If you need a friend well u got one. Without friends an family we have nothing ![alt text](image url)

  • I can be your friend!,I am also looking for friends and if you like pokemon ,I think we will be very good friends.☺

  • @emms-jane. Well said

  • @sarahphin went to the store

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  • @Alireza-iran this post shouldn't have been here so yeah what ever, I ask apology

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