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    Sometimes when I talk its not aloud. Yeah.

    I'm the kind to imagine my conversation with someone whether before a fight, lecture, or just socializing. I think of all the best retorts, come back lines, witty puns, trying to design the perfect convo that would suit my chances of being right on a level I don't even know would even be there.

    This thread is for posting tiny occurrences people might relate to, and by posting it here, they'd become further acknowledged.

    Like ever notice that when you dream you can see both in first and third person at the same time? Think about it.

    These little "Oh yah..." moments are what get me thinking, and my days have never been better spent now than going on long threads of thought just for fun.

    So post your findings and let the world see itself clearer than ever before.IMG_0641_kindlephoto-40193809.jpg

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