How to talk to strangers in real life without feeling shy?

  • I want real tips about talking to strangers in real life I always think that the other person is not interested in talking to me how can I make the conversation interesting and how can I break the ice

  • I think everyone gets shy for meeting a stranger at the real life first time.
    But telling jokes is a good way to break the ice either to relief the anxiety.

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  • Just be yourself, talk normally, it does not mean everytime you have to be funny or say something intelligent to make an interesting conversation. Sometimes reading body language of the person you are talking also helps you to avoid certain topics and to carry on something that interests them.

  • Become a stoic

  • talk anyway
    for me I don't really have much problem talking to normal people ..its the attractive ones that makes me nervous to talk to them I pretend in my head that I'm some way superior to them ..and I plaster a smile and lots of confidence..and there i go...hey you look like that guy from dat thingy that used to air
    or share snacks
    or really just wait till they do something silly and just smile at it.