• no. Its because They are ugly

  • @Scottish ok I agree for you and it's all you and you are the best intelligent old boy ok in this site and I vote for you too, anything else ? Let me know

  • @Scottish I do my research and development talk I have nothing to prove that o you okie , about racism I send you a video check it..

  • @Scottish ,
    Brother , you live in nice and rosy world, all you like to hear good and positive things about you and your people, fair enough, I am not putting my agenda into your Brian and I do my research then I speak , not has its ultimate thought none other than this as gods mesaanger.
    I am not here to make a arguement, dude I do not want to say what I am? I have no one to prove to,no need too , Al is well.
    I felt funny when I read all the text in here and didn't made sense Any more for myself it was past, I was showing anger towards this social media and made me look like a stupid twat for myself, talking to people here with uncertain arguements, intellectual always like to debate, with informatic Knowleadge not experiemced,I am not a match for you here to have debate with (only for now), dealing a dealt part not interested, I have a orginal dacumentry about this phycology test , please send you email and I will send about goat fucker too form your own country married bizzare things
    I do not like to argue I do not say you should believe it, bit please do not make assumptions for yourself and make it as ultimate truth.

  • @Scottish Seriously I have no problem if I look life a dumb Infront of you and g and I will not go against it because I am not agreeing for my own stupidy..
    I do not know means I do not know !! and there is no" but or reasons" here to pretend to know that I am better than you ..
    humbely ask you, seek more to know being open and admitting my fault if I had any .

  • @Gracevussca there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You must believe in yourself and love yourself first and recognize the magnificent being that you are. Once you understand that, you won’t need validation from anyone and you can walk in the full power of who you are. Guys that can’t handle that may make it seem like it’s your issue when in reality it is theirs. You deserve the best, so don’t settle for less.

  • @Gracevussca it’s not about your outer appearance. It’s how you feel inside. Your inner world creates your outer reality.

  • @Gracevussca u will reap what u sow

  • @A-B ok what exactly you need to see ?? Can you elebrate, if she has 3 legs how you can say she is not beautiful ??

  • @Philosopher-19 what you gonna do when you met with accident and loose all you oute beauty even you peckker then what are you s glob of chemicals ??

  • What you see yourself as "Mr philosopher" ??

  • @Philosopher-19
    ok you are saying that when you loose your outer beauty,
    Then you are nothing? Thaysv hat you are saying to me ?

  • @Scottish my apologies Do I know you ?

  • @Scottish
    Who are you to be so judgemental about me? Do you know me ? and following me where ever I write and talk to strangers you come like a sudden errection jumping out of the pant this is the second one you are coming like a peep Tom ..
    Disturb the conversation between me and them why like this Scotty old boy ?? opposeing your ideology about me to them..r u serious what is this if your are not offended or personal ?? You did talk shit about Indians, I do not give a fuck and what you say about me I accept as it it? I learn .. I do not want to deal a dealt part you are one dealt part met hundred like you on my life yeah. .. can't accept you as yourself that you are so stupid competitive.. If you can't help some one don't create clutter to some one yeah,just Go SUMO shut up move on.
    let them jurdge for themself what I am. you are so angry about the last conversation and why can't you accept it that night gone talks are gone, still you are speaking bitter with me about past, now you asking yourself opening your pant telling me asking me come fuck me,so now I am not raping you brother you ask for it

  • @Kp_corleone , a guy want money from me in the name of universal love with selfish way..and I have a balls not tits so I will chill my balls of do not worry much. and I going to ask you do you have nails if yes please my balls are scratching? How much you need ? Send you price and paypal or Google pay

  • @Kp_corleone ,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 idiot ok I do not use phedophelias funding bitcoin keep it up okie, I shall do it now can your hand can travel through internet to scratch my balls ??

  • @Kp_corleone oh ignorant fellow, so so desperate screaming shouting okie I shall let you be now

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