• Hello, everyone,

    I am currently working from home and I am finding it hard to focus on my tasks, due to my company's bad behaviour towards its employees and awful management. That's why it's difficult to find some actual motivation to D-do my absolute best like I always do.

    So, I decided that I'd try to keep myself engaged in some mild conversations with the world.

    I'm a Quality Analyst at a Call Center which offers Travelling Booking Services, as well as assistance for owners who advertise their properties on our site.

    My job is to listen to my agents' calls and ensure that they follow our internal procedures. I also make reports, among many other tasks.

    I'd be interested in finding more about your job, how you're doing at your current work place and, if you don't have a job yet, what your future plans are!

    So, I'm pretty much asking for a bit of company. But I cannot reply very quickly, since I do want to be in target with my tasks and such. :'D

  • @Alecsandra
    Before this lockdown thing . I thinking to be a freelancer and do work from home . but now when I'm actually doing it .. I sucks I'm not good in follow up . its good that they never know how many hours I did work a day tho . I am kinda miss my office

  • @Alecsandra
    Btw traveling companies still have work to do in this situation 🤔🤔

  • @mASHter Oh, certainly! You cannot imagine even half of the chaos that we've been dealing with, especially since my Team offers support for Italian Customers.

    As you can assume, we've had a lot of cancellations and we've had to ensure that everyone gets their refund.

    However, things seem to be slowly settling down, and we've even had new bookings for later this year or next year!! So that's nice to see.

  • @mASHter Awh, I see. Working from home is tricky and I know what it's like to miss the office every now and then but I'm sure that things will settle down at one point. :)

  • @Alecsandra
    Ahh so now u r handling refund cases 😅😅

  • @Alecsandra yeah hope so.