What is everyone's impression of me??

  • @knownsense I haven’t agreed with you, daug. Its just funny that you are writing such nonsense.

  • @χανιєя If I see you, I will drop you out cold

  • @χανιєя You were born

  • @Vlad20 all I kow now I speak from my past experience is up to you how you make sense of it and u did too it's non sense my sense is your non sense vice versa so send you number you suppose to claim you thimk you can make people happy

  • @χανιєя I agree brother it's just non sense even Vlad 20 said for himself .. what else we all doing here? Giving bull shit to themselves jobless even me too for now Corona is rocking , but I agree and I have guilty conscious what I told you , thinking it's him I seek forgiveness from you ..
    But I have no feeling towards any one or regret what I said to Vlad 20 it's like and dislike story , now we are like angry cow with each other and we are enjoying it, doing it tit for tat and I am very aware and consciousness about it but I do not know what Vlad 20 is ?? iam not being jurdgemental about him tomorrow he may be my best mate so let it be as it is for now ..

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