• people say that the ocean is salty because of whale sperm and if that's true... why do we have sea salt?

  • F-king Sperm whales ...

    Anyway you were talking about sea salt..the answer is... Dinosaurs son.. Dinosaurs ...

    First lets talk about why the salty Ocean is a relatively recent phenomenon :

    See Land Dinosaurs were highly masculine,more manlier than ocean dinosaurs ,who are as limp dicked as they come ..those noodle dick m'therf'ckers could barely get it up ,so God became angry & unleashed Genesis ..wiped out the entire dinosaurs cause a few had performance issues...just like he cursed entire human species with the original sin because Adam & Eve didn't follow his dietary rules ...so sperm whales have been doing that for the past million yeas & they have done what their erectile challenged ancestors couldnt.

    Coming to sea salt ..dat's land dinosaur semen .See land dinosaurs loved watersports . Because of their heavy weight & size ,they werent very fast but who ever likes slow sex ?..
    No no no ..dinosaurs liked it hard & fast ..so they thought of a genius idea,they went into water ..water took care of a lot of their weight,like a ship ..now lighter they did the horizontal tango .

    All over the planet this orgy happened,near the sea ...& slowly over millions of years the sea was filled with dinosaur semen..dat semen crystallized & became sea salt.

    This is Real history,you wont find it in those storybook that schools pass of as History.

    This is what The Govt is keeping from you..Brothers & sister rise above this conspiracy ,Throw down the chains of Illuminati & set yourself free.
    Break free of Social sterotypes & cultural norms. Spread the word #Reptile_Pride , #Eat_Real_Dinosaur_Semen ,#Organic_food_pride_Forever.

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