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  • @Rajeev2021 I joined a christian community in Ireland but after 2 months it didn't work out so I ended up homeless in Dublin. We had bought tickets to go to England so they offered me if I wanted to go with them. I said yes (this was through email)

    So in Dublin I spent 12 days there. I slept in a tent they gave me and a tent that I found too. I slept under its canvas and it rains like crazy in Dublin in the summer. (their summer is worse than our winter imo) I bin raided for food and even asked shops. Found lots of healthy food and even tasty treats.

    THen we crossed to Liverpool by ferry and thats when we parted for good. In Liverpool I slept on the streets for a month in a sleeping bag under whatever cover I could find (usually under shops or closed up shops) During that month I washed myself in the local McDOnalds with tissues and water and ate from what people gave us or even from the bins themselves. Then after a month I went to a homeless shelter and centre and I slept on and off in the shelter. 2 rooms with 40+ people in each one and it was mentally crazy. THe craziest I slept was in an abandoned factory and it was hella scary. I even slept under pellets too when it was raining and it was hella cold man. I spent 3 months 2 weeks in Liverpool.

    I then got repatriated back to my country and I couldn't stand living with others so I went back homeless for some other time in Malta (my own country) I slept in an abandoned factory and ate from the Lidl Bins or from nature. I did this for about another 14 days and it was fun tbh.

  • @Philosopher-19 How you travelled from one country to another, what you did to live and where you slept during the rain?

  • @Philosopher-19 That was pretty hard to hear for me like beyond my imagination and i realize i have been taking things for granted living off my parent's money.Anyways hope you get a good job and wish you a bright life in the future.

  • @Philosopher-19 Btw what about your parents don't they left you or support with any kind of financial aid?

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