1. did you know that British people don’t have accents? Every country that speaks English originated from Britain, so if you’re not British, you have an accent.

    2. Every time a guy says, “That’s what she said” always reply with, “not to you.”

    3. Giraffes are now endangered animals

    4. Cancer has gone down %20 in the past 10 years

  • Wow, cool facts thnx

  • 3&4 are the only facts the others are just confusing lol

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    1, the Boston accent is most like the British fuckers at the time when they moved to America from pom land, motherland had the language seriously corrupted by the French after they invaded ( is it a s or z I should be spelling with 🤔)

    Want me to keep going on?
    I'm happy to correct the rest if you like 😁

  • @Apricot Apricot i live in Britain (Scotland) and trust me there are dozens and dozens of accents here, varying greatly from region to region and even within regions. People from opposite ends of the country can struggle to understand what each other are saying there are sich differences

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    I should have noted the Boston accent thing was like old Londoners

    Complety agree with Scottish. So many waves of imagrantes settled in different areas with different %s of ppl settling in each area affecting the language in different ways

    Read up on linguistics, quite fascinating how it all goes