• Somehow i just want to let this out and i need honest advice and opinions.
    I got to know a guy almost 8 Years ago in Brasil. After few Months of knowing each other i left the Country with my Family to europe. The guy made known to me personally that he loves me and wants to marry me even before leaving Brasil. But he could not make it open because i was 15 Years then and he was 25. After leaving the Country we kept in touch and after like three years outside the Country, the distance began tiring me as i got into college. I began questioning my feelings for him. And after certain months of doubt, i decided to tell him how i feel. Telling him not to hope on me. I ended d relationship on my side buh we still kept in touch. He still sometimes write how he loves me and stuff and that he is trying his best to leave the Country to europe. Few days ago he got to know that i am dating someone else since three years now, after he asked me and since then he posts random pictures of a girl with lovely comments. I noticed that i felt somewhat jealous and wished i was that girl.
    i don't know why my emotions are playing crazy with me. I love my boyfriend but i can't be together with the other guy because of the distance and other circumstances.
    What are your advice?