ancestors vs us

  • do u think life now is better than how life was for our ancestors?
    if yes,why?
    if not why?

  • Life is better for us in some aspects and worse in other aspects.


    1. Machines have made our life way easier.
    2. We have fewer deadly diseases.
    3. We have better freedom and equality in multiple aspects.
    4. Internet connecting the world.
    5. Traveling large distances in very small amount of time.
    6. Better understanding of our world.


    1. Job loss due to machines.
    2. Excessive pollution due to excessive use of technology.
    3. Increase in non communicable diseases.
    4. Global warming could potentially drown everything.

  • i think life then and now have the same level of difficulties
    before it was sickness and illness
    now also its sickness and illness
    the difference they had more physical illness ,we have more mental illness

    before it was kings and lords eating on common men
    now its politicians doing the same job

    before women had no role in society except domestic works
    its the same now except now she has to take care of both the domestic jon as well as her professional job
    and if she can afford a cook..she is still the lady of the house.
    ..i dont think the there is any improvement in the situation for amwomen or men or a child .they all are still abused or raped or used.

    the only difference is machines and technology and internet
    and that has brought nothing but suffering
    more breakups..more obesity and sickness..more isolation..
    every person now has found a box for himself to hide...
    the worls has become so small and limited to just 1 person.

    festivals and celebrations have lost their original essence...i forgot the last time i had a proper eid or onam.
    i guess the only difference is our ancestors when they wnjoyed they really enjoyed and we...we are just bunch of fakes.

  • Music Lovers

    In the materialistic sense hell yeah our life is better we got all these new gadgets and devices that make everything so much easier, in the being real human beings sense fuck no we are more like robots now a days everyone is so attached to their phone or computers and the majority of people are desensitized and heartless, every generation gets more and more careless about the world they live in, and do we really have relationships close to the ones our ancestors had who actually had to go speak to ppl face to face make real connections instead of sending a txt or a snapchat. Idk personally I say our life isnt at all better its just more sugar coated to seem "sweet" but without the sugar its real bitter.

  • @lasttrain94 so true

  • @lucifer_ true

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