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  • esp older ones. us older guys (30-40s) always get labelled pedo or what have you when we ogle younger girls. this girl here chatted with me on fb. tell me, as an older guy, how the hell do you not find this sexy???? i mean damn man! pedo or not, i can still appreesh beauty, right!? she's 17 i think, maybe 18

    Brianna Vickman FB.jpg

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    @mikeJB Lol dude dont worry abt the tag given to ya by the world just do what u love to do..N yea not all young girls think old guys as 'pedos' going..n yeah she's hott..lmaoo...xDD

  • ill say it right now and i dont care about the flames after. even if she was 17-18, i would have no problem dating or even living with someone that hot but younger. the body, the smile, damn man! that is PERFECTION from what my eyes see. and she could come home and ask me about my day at work and hell, i would even help her with her homework! if i had that in my goals complete!

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    @mikeJB I am still a growing young adult, I find women to be worthy of beauty 🙂 It is not if I spend the entirety of my days staring in and staring out, but I certainly appreciate beauty when I see it! You should not followand stumble upon the bear traps laid out to you by the world, because if you get trapped, you'll find yourself in quite literal pain! It is embarrassing that particular people of the society don't want to take note of guys appreciating girls, and label the ones who have feelings, s 'mislead' and 'pedophilic, as is the case with older people. It is normal for anybody to adore and admire beauty, when flashed through one's eyes! 🙂

  • @mikeJB Not for me. Her face (on this picture, at least) looks empty and drained, there is no warmth to her, no spirit to catch my soul and set it aflame. Spark, vitality, an indication of something which will connect our minds - these are the things I need to engage me.

    All I'm seeing is a body, and bodies are a dime a dozen 🤷‍♂️

  • @mikeJB Same girl? Now that's instantly a warmer pic. Much more engaging.

    Psychology is responsible for much of the difference. We are naturally drawn to people who look friendly and approachable, having that disposition and "air" about us makes others want to connect and spend time together, get close, learn more.

  • and the thing is , i tell every girl this, if i was to make a move and you said NO. then i stop. because momma taught me right

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