Help. You open the door and there is your ex.

  • Okay, I live in Aus. My ex if from the States summer camp councillors relationship cliche for 2 summers
    I dumped him, broke his heart. For a good reasons.

    His hurt and angry as expected. As he has every right to be.
    Year later he still is spitful messages you out of the blue saying nasty, cruel things. Deletes/blocks you on fb etc.

    7 months later he knocks on your front door step. With a bag of your things. I am shocked and it was so awkward. You tell him it's not a good time. It's my mums birthday today. I take my stuff, and gave his bag back. He doesn't want to come in (thank goodness, also in my pjs) and he leaves.

    Hours later he sends you a fb msg apologising that he didn't mean to be a creep and wants to catch up and talk soon.

    I don't think I should. Advice? What would you do?

  • Last statement makes me think you dont have anymore feelings for him... or do you? id say talk to him and listen to whatever he wants to say and you say whatever you want to say to him... and then see where it goes

  • If you still like him, do it, listen to him may be he has changed.
    If you don't like him then don't go, you broke it off for a good reason in the first place.

  • do u have a brother or some boy best buds..or a girl friend who can throw a punch if needed...take them with you when ou go to meet him..if he tries anything nasty..let ur friends take care of him...

    if he behaves himselves ..listen to what he has got to say...say sorry for dumping him...tell him it was in another time period..u r a different person ..again apologise ..and say goodbye and walk away...

    u broke with him for a good reason..dont forget it....let it go...

  • Gamers

    I don't think it's a good idea. It's really lovely what he did, but if he had healthy intentions he would have warned you, Or posted it. He hasn't let go of or confronted his feelings, and isn't letting you move on either.

    Let's pretend you have a friend with an ex who is still bothering them two years later... What would you tell them?

  • Just keep it to friends with benefits . Don't complicate it . Just keep it simple and keep it moving